About Us

Our Team has an unparalled wealth of experience in our field and we are, already, one of the foremost Event and Function Photography companies in the UK.

Our wide experience in Event, Sporting and Function photography - we have been the photographers at over 300 events each year! - means that we are second to none in providing first class photographs from a huge range of events and functions

With our fully mobile state of the art Digital Processing equipment, we can literally cover any event, anywhere and at anytime! We pride ourselves on our unique ability to provide superb prints of your event or function - be it a Charity Ball, a Rugby Festival, a Ladies Festival or a Class Reunion - to your guests or visitors the very same day!

Usually at no cost whatsoever to the organisers and if your event is in aid of a Charity, we can often make a substantial Donation, based on our sales!

If you´re involved with an Event or Function, of whatever kind, why not give us a call or send us an e-mail to find out more?